Be the Owner

Be the Owner of Neeldavid Salon

Open your own Neeldavid Salon and be part of Neeldavid Franchise Partner.

Our Vision : We are offering you the chance to be part of this Industry joining hand with Neeldavid that can make people look good, feel different and build their confident.

Our Mission : Join hand with Neeldavid and take Advantage of this growing Industries and celebrate success with us. Our aims to promote hundreds of entrepreneurs in India, Nepal and Abroad.

Our Vision

At Neeldavid our vision is to make people beautiful & confident .Our aim is to cater to the needs of the more aware people who understands the importance of being well groomed and also educate those who have not yet bought into our vision of to be beautiful.

Our Mission

We aim to promote over 1000 entrepreneurs pan India , Nepal & Abroad over 3000 salons and , as a result , create more jobs by 2019.

Our Values

As part of our beauty industry Neel Davids would like to ensure that every single customer experiences our art of caring ,which is at the core of Neel Davids salon.this we hope to do through our franchise partners who we support through every phase of setting up the salons.